Sweet specializes in the best gluten free custom cakes you’ve ever laid your taste buds on! Top ingredients, extensive experimentation and discriminating palates make my cakes a winner at any special event. I’ve created a product I’m most proud of as it will please all of your guests, gluten free and glutenful alike. I look forward to sharing my success with you!

Jill’s Story

Having grown up in a large family that valued coming together through creating good food, I was drawn to the culinary field, beginning my career as a restaurant chef. When diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder aggravated by gluten, I began to experiment, at first baking for myself, and then professionally for local cafes. My love for the visual arts sparked my interest in cake baking and design, and I began training under one of New York’s top cake designers. It was during this apprenticeship that I knew I had found my home. SWEET is the culmination of that love and training.

I am passionate about creating cakes that are simple, elegant, and reflect your deepest wishes for whatever occasion you are celebrating.

Please, learn more at my new website sweetcakesonoma.com